5 Graphic Design Trends We Predict To Be Huge In 2017



Modern Retro is the first prediction of the graphic design trends 2017 will bring.
Now we aren’t talking about the old-old school retro inspired design from the early 1990’s-60’s. Modern retro takes us back just a small step to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Yes, there’s a wave of nostalgia sweeping over us at the moment which doesn’t show any signs of drying up. This is also why we’re seeing reboots of the likes of 'Fuller House' and 'Gilmore Girls'. There’s a warm, cheesy sort of comfort we get
from The Tanner’s entering our living rooms once again with their life lessons and group hugs.



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Fitting in with the eighties theme, Colours that pop are set to dominate 2017 graphic design trends. So think bold. Think bright. Think vibrant.



In times of chaos and complexity, we seek restricted, uncompromising colour pallets, states Pantone’s Viewpoint Color magazine. So expect to see trends in primary colours of red, green and blue (often those used in country’s flags) come into full force with this movement in graphic design.


Our advice? Often by selecting two or three bright colours you’ll find the design will turn heads with it’s vibrancy without have consumers thinking “Is this really for ages 5 and up?”

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Full disclosure. We could be a tad obsessed with geometric shapes right now. Is it normal to suggest to your Uber driver that he should look into getting some geometric shape decals on his vehicle?


One of the things we love about geometric shapes are the limitless applications it offers. Consider using bold shapes with vivid colours to add some fun and instant visual interest to your design. Or try creating a more delicate geometric shaped design to give an elegant, sleek and professional look.


There’s something about geometry that is very eye grabbing. With its impression of movement and perfect symmetry, geometric shapes can intrigue an audience on many different levels. Much like the Harambe memes, we predict geometric shapes are going to be with us for a while yet.

Geometric Shapes Graphic Design Trend
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Making our penultimate entry for the 5 Graphic Design Trends We Predict To Be Huge In 2017 is dramatic typography. Big, bold, headline style fonts often with rather creative placements are set to rock our type world this year. Adding to the bright colours, this year really seems all about grabbing peoples attention in a fun and audacious way.



For too long typography has been that forgotten about middle child jumping up and down for attention. But not anymore. It looks like this is it’s year to shine. Dramatic typography through use of colour, texture, size and creative placement is set to take over our type world in 2017.


With strong hero style images being so popular, big, bold typefaces are a perfect combo to compliment these. They can also help to communicate your message to our ever decreasing attention spans. We’ll be seeing lots of inspiring statements and taglines, even just single words taking up primary real estate in our designs.  So upsize to large and grab that sought after consumer attention.

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Flat design has taken the world by storm the last few years. So much so the days of skeumorphism design seem like a distant bad dream. Does anyone else still on occasion wake up in a cold sweat after dreaming they’ve reached for their iPhone and the tacky leather bindings on the old iOS calendar are back? No? Just us?



Flat 2.0 (helpfully refined by Google’s Material Design) takes all the things we’ve loved about flat design and adds to it light and shadow effects for more depth and movement, giving us a slightly more realistic and dynamic feel. Photos and videos also play a large role in Flat 2.0 - that’s right, not everything needs to be a UI element or icon now, how bout dat.


And Hello Hello, it’s also welcomed back our old friend, gradients. We totally forgot you were a thing. Brightly coloured two-toned gradients are emerging all over the show. Using them correctly can add a level of depth to your designs and provide eye-catching backgrounds or a stunning overlay effect.

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